"The Griff" Magazine Redesign

This project aimed at giving new life to the MacEwan student magazine "The Griff". This design is bold with a big personality. Harsh lines, sharp edges, and bold typography work together to create this new personality for the magazine.


Acupunture Logo

Deeyana was looking for a logo that expressed her take-it-easy personality, and the earthy grounded ideals of per acupuncture practice. Simplicity and minimalism in her monogram are complimented with the earthy green and gold tones. 


The Ukrainian Shumka Dancers

60th Anniversary Program Concept

In 2019, the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers celebrated their 60th anniversary. This program concept was created for a typography class, and aims to celebrate Shumka’s last 60 years, while looking forward to the next 60. The hexagon and its 6 sides was chosen as the main shape theme to represent the incredible accomplishment that is 60 years.

untitled-project@2x-2 copy.jpeg

*Stage photos provided by the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers 


*Cast Headshots provided by Nicole Schimpf Photography 

Diversity Symbol

Shumka’s Diversity Symbol was designed for the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers as a way to symbolize the acceptance of other communities within the Shumka family, with Shumka represented in red in the middle, and the many other communities Shumka supports represented by various colours on the outside. The embroidery pattern is a visual representation of the word “love”. This symbol aims to become a visual symbol for Shumka's promise to celebrate the diversity within the company, as well a reminder of their  commitment to continue listening, learning, and growing. 


Climate Change Infographic

An Infographic visualizing the current climate crisis. Colour coordination is used to easily identify and accurately read information

Decade Poster

A poster to highlight the key movements and ideations of the 1960's-1970's.


YEG Charity Games

The YEG Charity Games is an event that will be launching in November 2021. The brand needed to encompass the intensity and agility that are required to compete in these games. The navy and gold represent the prestige in obtaining a first place medal. The word-mark reflects the events main inspiration - "The Challenge" on MTV. 

Alternate logo ideation


Black History Month Poster

Poster Concept that could be used for social media, or be expanded for print use. The poster embraces bold block lettering and colours you would usually associate with BHM, as well as the triangle shape commonly found in African cultures.